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 Connect your members with thousands of talented & innovative high school students who are searching for their future careers.

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Restaurant workers
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Create an engaged workforce

The labor shortage stems from a mismatch of interest and skills. Capture the hearts and minds of the upcoming generations and inspire them to pursue your field by leveraging the passion of your current workforce.


Fill openings

Capture the most motivated, innovative, and hardworking students

Diversify your talent pool

Reach more students from more backgrounds.

Keep local talent local

Capture students in your region without relocation costs.

Track the data & insights

Get a live data dashboard to gain insights for brand marketing.

How it works

Just 4 easy steps to strengthen your talent pipeline

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1. Mentoring Platform

The website where your members advise high school students, and you post career-connected learning for students to apply

Warning: will be fulfilling and fruitful!

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2. Data Dashboard

Administrators grab real time data on engagement and impact for reporting. Also provides insights on motivators and questions from Gen. Z.

Warning: will help with CSR & ESG!

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3. Exclusive events

From in-person visits to virtual roundtables, request special WBL events with school partners.

Warning: will be your favorite days of the year!

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4. Ongoing Support

No training needed, but it's included for members who like a good walk-through.

Warning: will be easy!

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schools and industry partners alike


“It’s motivational – especially the advice part. I found something I’m interested in and I’m like… 

This could be me.”

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Kavon, High school junior
DC Public Schools

“GoPursue is empowering because
it’s the bridge between the community and students.”

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Marc M., Teacher,
Fairfax County Public Schools

“GoPursue is better than [competitor] because it actually gives you next steps and people to talk to instead of just giving you recommended resources.”​

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Rui, High School Senior
DC Public Schools

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