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Our Vision

We envision the Future of Work where students feel like every industry is accessible to them. Even if students hold identities that have been historically underrepresented (such as race, gender, orientation and more), they can build a network of professionals who share those identities and successfully close the gaps we see in the workforce today.

Diversifying talent pipelines

Connecting students to the workforce

Fulfilling professional's desire to give back

Saving students time & money in the post-graduation journey

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Inspire students through human connection

1. Help students find what’s out there and meet people doing those jobs.


2. Give volunteers a low-lift way to change students’ trajectories with a low-lift time commitment.


3. Reduce workload for schools and staff while increasing the support they get from the community.

4. Help employers capture the future workforce to solve labor shortages.


5. Long term, we see representation gaps close in the workforce, we see students save money on education and job-churn less, and employers get the skilled talent they need.

Why this?

A Story from Our Founder

At 17, I committed myself and my family to $120,000 in college debt to pursue an undeclared major. I had no idea what careers existed beyond doctor, teacher, lawyer and CSI agent, so people advised me to "figure it out in college." Not everyone can afford to do that.

‍For the last decade, I've worked in K12 schools that push every student to college without mandatory career exploration or work-based learning opportunities. We pipeline students to higher ed banking on the idea they'll "figure it out" later. This is just part of the reason Americans have $1.75 Trillion in higher education debt and a 40% average dropout rate.

We have the technology and connectivity to help our students discover their career potential before this pivotal point, so why not provide it to all students? In a completely new way?

Let's change the system, together.

~ Kathryn Breisch
Founder & CEO

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